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The Robert Napier School

The Student Council

 Welcome to the Robert Napier Student Council webpage. This page will be the home of the Student Council, and will be updated frequently, with our latest stories and developments.

Throughout the 2016-17 academic year, the Student Council will be providing students with surveys, and questionnaires, allowing the Student Council to channel the voices of the student’s to the school’s leadership. If you wish to give ideas of surveys you would like to see carried out, please speak to the representative of the Council, for your year group.

We are still looking for further members in Year 7, if you are interested, please speak to Mr Leadbetter or George, for more details.


Term 1 Update:
During Term 1, the Student Council began work on their first survey, which will evaluate and allow Students to give their opinions on attendance. The Council also applied for the Greggs Foundation Environment Grant, allowing the Council to work further on its Operation Green project, which will bring further improvements to the School’s environment. Over the next few months, the Council plans to work on improving waste bins across the school site, and bringing new and interesting colours to them.

Term 2 Update:
During Term 2, the Student Council were able to analyse and get together the results of their survey, which was submitted to Mr Minchin, Headteacher, and the rest of the School’s Senior Leadership Team. The Council also held assemblies with the rest of the Student Voice, including the Junior Leadership Team, detailing the Council’s progress so far this year, and the events that took place before Christmas. The Council was also able to receive comprehensive training from Medway Council’s Participation Team. This training means that all Council members are now fully trained in representing the rest of the school, and provided guidance on how to best channel students’ opinions. The Council also attended the Medway Youth Parliament Annual Youth Conference, an event that all members enjoyed (please see the news article for further details). The Council also began preparing for the projects that are planned for January.

Term 3 Update

During Term Three, the Student Council set up it’s ‘You said, we did’ board, opposite the Sixth Form Study Centre. The display board details the membership of the student council and contains the actions that the Student Council is taking following the surveys carried out.  The Student Council completed its second survey with a focus on homework. The Student Council will place the results onto the Student Voice display board in the beginning part of Term Four. Year 7 Representative, Riley, began planning his team for the club that he wants to begin next term.