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The Robert Napier School

Year 9 Art Students Complete Piece For Royal Engineers' Museum

Students' work will be showcased in the Royal Engineers' Museum in Gillingham.

Year 9 Art students have just completed an original piece to be put on exhibition at the Royal Engineers' Museum.

The piece, which is called 'Destruction, Reinvention, and Discovery', is based around the V2 rocket that was used by the Nazis in a last-ditch attempt to win World War Two. The guidance system in the V2 made the bomb a very effective weapon and a lot of lives were lost because of the use of the V2 and its predecessor, the V1. However, the guidance system was eventually put to better use and made it possible for humankind to travel in space.

The students involved have worked hard since the beginning of the term, to build their Photoshop skills whilst using different materials. The final piece is a reflection of human emotions, with manipulated photographs of bomb disposal robots and facts about the war.

Well done for your efforts and we look forward to seeing the piece in person!