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The Robert Napier School

Hats off to the whole school show: Matilda

The Robert Napier tradition of the whole school show is one of the favourite items on the calendar each year. It is a chance for students, staff and families to enjoy the results of all the fun and hard work of some of our most talented students. This year, the students will be presenting a play version of Roald Dahl's Matilda.

Keep checking the website for exact details of show dates and times.

The lead role will be shared between Makeda Hocking and Amy Joyce. Amy has written an article that explains what it is like to be involved:

Being part of the school production of Matilda has been a fun experience for everyone - once you have looked past learning the lines!

This is my first school production and I was really nervous at first. However, everyone was really welcoming. The range of ages involved in the production allows everyone the chance to meet new friends.

Year 11 make up the FBI, Year 10 are the horrible parents and Mrs Trunchbull and the school children are provided by Years 7 and 8. I am the only year 9 in the school production - hopefully next year there will be more as they are badly missing out! I am sharing the lead role with Makeda Hocking (Year 7). Makeda hasn’t been in a school production before either - we are going through the experience together.

Obviously the show wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the huge help of the Music and Drama department. So thank you to Mr Howling, Mrs Barlow and Mrs Cobb who have provided colour and imagination to the play.

Remember, the show is at the start of July and tickets will be available soon. Don’t be the one who misses out.

Amy Joyce, Year 9