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The Robert Napier School

History Club – Adventure through the Ages

The Robert Napier History Club has a long and proud tradition of inspiring students with a love of history that takes them outside of a formal learning environment and plunges them directly into the exciting events of ages past.

Recreating the past through live action role play has taken students from the mass hysteria of a medieval witch trial to the gas lit streets of Jack the Ripper’s London. Few students (or teachers!) who participated in the recreation of a Search and Destroy mission set during the Vietnam War will ever forget the experience. For those of a quieter disposition, History Club has frequently collaborated with the Food Technology department to offer sessions on the history of food, with students cooking recipes directly from the ration booklets of World War I, trying their hand at Victorian sweets and Easter eggs and recreating authentic medieval dinners.

No corner of history is overlooked at History Club, and we have been very proud to welcome members of the Gillingham Football Club as we explored the history of football and in particular, the history of our much loved local team the Gills. Celebrated GFC Striker Steve Lovell made a guest appearance and entertained our young historians with colourful stories of the club’s past and tales of his own rise to fame. From firing real WWI rifles to entering the realm of Middle Earth and enjoying a hobbit’s tea party, History Club offers something for everyone, and looks forward to many more years of exciting and inspiring the students of the Robert Napier School.