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The Robert Napier School

Year 6 Induction Day

This afternoon we officially welcomed September's new Year 7 intake to Robert Napier. Year 6 students from a variety of local primary schools enjoyed the events of induction day and the opportunity to meet with fellow students before the new school year begins.

The day started with the new students being introduced to their House team as they found out if they were Eagle, Harrier, Kestrel or Osprey. The Junior Leadership Team were also on hand to make sure the youngsters were settled and felt comfortable.

Team building activities were lively affairs at times and lead teachers and directors of house were right in the thick of it.

Students familiarised themselves with the large school site, their new teachers and the friendly faces of the existing RNS students as they took part in interactive workshops that included subjects such as Technology, Food, Science, Maths and Art. The trail of the school grounds included a quiz quest.

Lunchtime offered the students the chance to use the new canteen facilities and visit a clubs fayre to exhibit all the extra curricular opportunities at Robert Napier. Most students were so keen that they have already signed up in order to receive invitations and reminders in September.

The day ended with an inter-house tug of war as Year 6 were able to enjoy competing for their new house for the very first - but certainly not last - time.

Students went home feeling more familiar with the school surroundings and a clearer idea about the friendly and focused atmosphere of the school. Keen faces left chatting about how they will enjoy learning at Robert Napier when they begin Year 7 in September.