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The Robert Napier School

New Uniform for The Robert Napier School

The new uniform has finally arrived at The Robert Napier School and students simply look fantastic. The new uniform symbolises the ethos this year with a very different feel around the school.  The Headteacher, Mr Minchin has been delighted with the great start from all students in relation to their behaviour, commitment to learning, respect for the environment and respect for each other. 

The school has also been updating its prospectus this week and the photographer and design director from the company Lore Creative were in school for two days.  We wanted to share their feedback from being in and out of classrooms and working with students and staff around the school:

'I mentioned this to Ms Rust as we were walking around but felt I wanted to write it to you too … and that is how happy, kind and helpful we found the staff and how polite the students were.  We visit many Schools and rarely do we come across a School that has such a nice feel - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!!'

Sarah Luckett - Lore Creative