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The Robert Napier School

Students visit the Supreme Court in London

The biggest court in the United Kingdom played host to students and staff from Robert Napier on Friday 30 September... though you will be glad to hear they were not on trial. Instead they were learning about life at the Supreme Court in Westminster, London.

A group of Sixth Form students made the trip to further their understanding of the Court's history and role within the UK legal system. They were given a tour before a unique opportunity to debate within one of the courts.


The group was split into two teams to discuss whether it should be illegal for police to hold the DNA and fingerprints of innocent people. Lawyers at the Court worked with each team to help them plan their arguments.


The head of Citizenship and PSHEE at Robert Napier, Mrs Barber said it was "an amazing experience" for all.


She said: "Our students actually got to stand and debate a topic in the highest court in the land!


"And that, they did - with eloquence and conviction!"


Mrs Barber praised the attitudes shown by the 21 boys and girls who attended, saying there were "fantastic examples" of  what can be expected of a Robert Napier student.