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The Robert Napier School

Raising Awareness of Mental Health

A trio of brave and passionate Robert Napier students have worked together to raise awareness of various mental health issues.

Jade Penny, Alyx Hassain and Jodie Armstrong - all in year 11 - created a video addressing three major problems encountered by individuals: anxiety, anger and depression. 

The idea came about when discussing what to campaign about as part of Medway Youth Health Champions, an area-wide team that works tirelessly to give young people the information they need.

Jodie Armstrong said: "Mental health issues have affected all of our group in one way or another. We want to show young people, to raise awareness and show them they can get help when they need it.”

The video is centred around two stories; both stories are based on real-life cases, and their portrayal of these cases has received much praise. One Facebook viewer commented: “I am very proud of them all for approaching and highlighting such sensitive issues”.

The finished product can be found on YouTube under Speak Out! Woodlands Youth Centre Health Champions. Alternatively, it can be found at the link here: