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The Robert Napier School

Challenger Troop Celebration Evening

Robert Napier’s very own Challenger Troop enjoyed an evening of celebration, in honour of their many successes on Thursday 1st December 2016.

The Challenger Troop focuses on the participation of the youth and young people in engagement programmes in a military-like atmosphere, targeting individuals in primary and secondary schools, academies, and even Sixth Form colleges.

During the awards evening, E09’s Alicia Peckett earned a certificate for completing the 12-week programme and the award for “Most Improved Student” due to her resilience in overcoming the difficulties of climbing Cardiac Hill at Shorne Country Park.

Although Cardiac Hill was, at times, a challenge for Alicia, she persevered and never gave up.

Unfortunately, Alicia couldn’t attend the awards evening, but the Robert Napier community applauds all of her efforts.

K12’s Chloe Sullivan, O02’s Coral Cole, O11’s Ellie Fuller and O14’s Alina Gheorghe also earned deserving certificates for completing the 12-week programme. A big congratulations to all of them as well!  (by Lindsey Alimodian)