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The Robert Napier School

School Trips

Trips and visits are an important part of our school year. Whether day outings or longer international expeditions, school trips can make a major contribution to the acquisition of knowledge and the development of interpersonal skills. They allow our students to learn outside of the classroom, with some important real-world experiences. Trips can enhance their confidence, independence and can contribute significantly to their personal development.

Below are details of some of the trips that have recently taken place, as well as some of the upcoming trips over this academic year.

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  • Year 11 Art Trip to the Tate Modern, London

    Published 17/09/18

    Year 11 Art students visited London to see some of its most famous landmarks.

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  • Year 7 Trip To Kidzania, London

    Published 11/07/18

    A visit for 60 students to the 'city' run by children.

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  • International Day of Light at UCL for Year 8

    Published 22/05/18

    An opportunity for Year 8 students to celebrate the annual worldwide event.

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  • Year 9 DofE Expedition in Sittingbourne

    Published 27/04/18

    Year 9 students were ready for the next stage of their DofE award.

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  • Year 9 DoFE Trip to Blue Bell Hill, Maidstone

    Published 18/04/18

    The group of Year 9 students enjoyed their 8km walk.

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  • Year 11 Geography trip to Canterbury and Reculver

    Published 17/04/18

    GCSE Geography students attended two trips in March 2018.

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  • Psychology Conference - March 2018

    Published 07/11/17
    On Thursday 22nd March 2018, Year 12 and 13 students will be attending the Zimbardo Conference of Psychology. Students will have the opportunity to hear from researchers on one of the key studies from their course (Dr Phil Zimbardo, Dr Christina M
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  • Year 13 trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau 2017

    Published 31/10/17

    This is a 2 night trip taking place in November 2017. Students in Year 13 study the AQA unit "Democracy and Nazism, 1918-1945". Within this topic, one key theme that students have to study is the treatment of the Jews and the Holocaust. Students study this throughout Years 12 and 13 as part of their A-Level studies, meaning that they will be visiting Auschwitz at the time that they are studying the topic, making the trip relevant to their studies.

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  • Ypres 2018 - Year 8

    Published 31/10/17

    This is a two night trip taking place in March 2018 and one that the History department has been running for the last three years. This has been a highly successful trip for Year 8 students in the past as it coincides with our studies of World War One and what life was like for soldiers during this time. Students study this at the time of the trip. Students will experience the trenches, craters, artillery and uniforms for themselves by visiting specific battle sites, museums and memorials. Students can additionally see items like the gas masks that were used as well as the different types of munitions that were used by both sides.

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  • Year 13 Science Trip -¬†Breweries in Faversham October 2017¬†

    Published 18/10/17
    As part of their Applied Science course, Year 13 scientists took a trip on 18th October to two different breweries in Faversham. The students had the chance to visit the Shepherd Neame brewery to see the brewing process in action, as well as a visit
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