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The Robert Napier School

A day in the life of a Sixth Former


A day in my life is always a busy one, whether it is mentoring younger students in my free periods or putting pen to paper in lessons, there is always something to be done.

Period 1 - Biology

Today’s first lesson was Biology with Mrs. Brooks. During this lesson, we worked swiftly through revision of the heart, its functions and how it can contract without us even thinking about it. Mrs. Brook’s lessons are consistently useful to me and this particular lesson was a great start to the day, and was effective revision because of its relevance to my exam module.

Period 2 - Study Period/Sixth Form Leadership Programme

During my second lesson, I was stationed in Harrier House Office where I generally lend a hand. My duties include mentoring younger students and carrying messages for staff. 

Mentoring students takes up a large portion of my time. Realistically, I try to see my mentees at least once a week, and present an approachable and friendly manner, rather than one stereotypically used by adults. As a result of my help, I have seen changes in my mentees’ behaviours and attendances for the better.

Period 3 and 4 - Media Studies

Third and fourth lessons today we had Mr Barr for AS Media Studies. Mr Barr’s lessons are challenging and everybody is kept focused on the task at hand. Due to the small class sizes we get a lot of one-to-one help from our teachers.



At lunch, other Sixth Formers and I carry out our Senior Prefect duties. These duties include management of the queues in the canteen, observation and management of student behaviour around the school site and, on occasion, helping Mr Leadbetter deal with litter. Mr Leadbetter runs the Prefect programme very well and gives good rewards for the hard work the Prefects undertake.

Period 5 - English

For the final lesson today, we had Mrs Dacey for AS English Language, which I always enjoy. These lessons are always packed with information and are set out in such a way that enables the students to learn very efficiently; there is ample time to take notes and, after the general lesson, a task is always set to test our learning and understanding.

After School

When I get home, a lot of my time is spent enjoying myself. I go out to see friends in Gillingham and Chatham. I play a lot of football with my brother and friends, and I spend a portion of my time getting my head down and completing coursework.

Coursework has always been a big area of focus for me. I have to manage my time carefully to ensure I keep up with it all.  With that all done it is a big weight off my mind.  This means I can focus on arranging more fun events for the school, mentoring students and being a general help outside the classroom.