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The Robert Napier School

A day in the life of a Year 10 student


Before School

Each morning I wake up at 5:30am in order to make sure that I am fully prepared and ready for the day ahead. After checking that I have all the required books and revision books needed, I pack my lunch into my bag and then head out of the door to school. I arrive at school for 8:00 and sometimes visit the library to carry out work.


Tutor period

I get to my form room for 8:30am where I chat with my form tutor. I talk and mentor younger students within my form to make sure that they are happy and they are able to then explain to me any worries they have that week about learning or issues with friends.

Period 1 - Citizenship

Citizenship lessons are full of exciting information and it gives us a view on real world issues, we debate them and look into case studies relating to that week. We debate a whole range of topics including the European Union, Asylum seekers’ rights and employee’s rights in the workplace.

Period 2 - English

English lessons are really fun, we work with our great teacher and read books that we are then able to analyse when we write our coursework.


During break I meet up with my friends and eat my snack. You are also able to visit the library and read a book or start work.

Period 3 - Maths

This lesson is very enticing and modern. We work on computers in the lecture theatre and complete work that is related to the topic that we are working on. We are able to work independently on the computers and work towards and beyond our target grades. I like this style of teaching because it enables me to work at a faster pace.

Period 4  - GCSE ICT

This lesson is very interesting our teacher, Mr Smith shows us technology and how it works. We work in groups in order to carry out research towards our coursework. Our teacher has great subject knowledge and understands what we need to do in order to progress.


At lunch time you have a wide choice of activities that you can enjoy, most departments also carry out revision sessions which you are able to attend in order to prepare for exams in the next academic year. My lunch times are very busy because I lead the Student Council, our student Council works to give the younger students a voice within the school and we work on a whole range of exciting projects to improve the school even more.

Period 5

Physics is a really good lesson. Our teacher has great subject knowledge and makes the lesson extremely interesting by explaining experiments in detail and in a way that really helps you rememeber!

After School

After school, I sometimes attend revision sessions or go home and carry out independent revision.  A variety of extra-curricular activities are also run afterschool for students to enjoy, my favourite is History Club which is very interesting and gives me insight into different time periods. This is very fun and fascinating.