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The Robert Napier School

A day in the life of a Year 7 student


Before School

Every morning I wake up at 5:55. This is to give myself 30 minutes to prepare myself for the school day ahead. I get dressed, shower if needed, pack my bag, grab my lunch and leave. The reason I leave so early is not because I live very far away (only about 1.5 miles), but because I have basketball training in the Sports Hall every morning! We usually do drills with various coaches (some are teachers from our school others are not), and then nearer the end, we sometimes have matches. They are fun, and a good way to test the skills you have just learnt throughout the earlier stages of the practice.

Form time

After basketball, I get changed into my uniform and go straight to form as basketball ends just before that time. I enjoy form, and I get along with the students and my form tutor. I talk with the kids sitting next to me and contribute to class discussions regularly.

Period 1: Maths

I enjoy my Maths classes. We usually do partner work which helps me to solve the problems.

Period 2: Music

I think music lesson are fun. You have a choice whether to work by yourself or with a partner, and you can often play the keyboards, and if you think you did well, preform in front of the rest of the groups. I used to take personal piano lessons, so it is fun for me to preform to the rest of the group.


At break I hang around with my friends on the playground. We find anything to talk about or any reason to chase someone or something. I don’t normally go in the canteen, but occasionally I do to have a snack.

Period 3: Science

I really like this lesson because my teacher is AWESOME. He has a really good manner which makes the learning and content really interesting and (fairly) easy to remember.

Period 4: English

I enjoy this lesson quite a bit - my teacher is really nice. We do a lot of class reading, and I personally enjoy doing that. The work is just the right difficulty and I am happy with where I am at and the progress I am making.


At lunch there is a much wider selection of activities to attend. Basketball takes place on some lunch times and I sometimes attend that. During lunch basketball is open to everybody, so it’s a bit busier than in the morning before school. I also have fun with friends when I am not doing an activity.

Period 5: PE

I enjoy the activities that we do in PE and the teachers are really enthusiastic and provide us with lots of responsibility. We mainly do sports activities, but we also focus on fitness, which soon afterwards, if done correctly, is usually rewarded with some football or dodgeball.

After School

After school, I sometimes have basketball. Sometimes it is a practice and other times it is a match against another school in Kent. The practices are mostly fun. On the bus ride to games and tournaments I usually have a lot of fun talking with the other kids on the team. I particularly love the team spirit and sense of belonging I have gained from joining the Basketball team.