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The Robert Napier School

Alternative Curriculum

At the Robert Napier School, we recognise that not all students are able to access the main curriculum for a variety of reasons.  We have therefore developed a series of alternative curriculum activities designed to support the students in accessing the curriculum, which enables them to achieve success in their studies.

When they join the school, students are baseline assessed.  Those students identified as requiring additional support, are provided with an individualised programme of learning.  This is a combination of lessons from the main curriculum, alongside lessons from the alternative curriculum.

As they progress through the school, students are continuously monitored.  If at any point it is deemed appropriate that a student benefits from one or more Alternative Curriculum activity, they are moved into the appropriate course(s) that meet their needs.

The Alternative Curriculum activities are delivered by a mixture of in-house and external providers.

Below is a list and brief description of each of the Alternative Curriculum activities.

Access to Main Stream (A2M) – Bespoke literacy and numeracy interventions with the long term goal of removing barriers which prevent progress in mainstream lessons.  A2M prepares students for entry onto the ASDAN entry-level programme. The A2M provision is designed to be an adaptable space which staff can use to meet the students’ specific SEN. There is a focus on small group and individual sessions designed to allow students to succeed in mainstream lessons and the wider community.

Mind  Developing pupil well being and supporting their emotional resilience. Looking at causes and prevention of low level mental health issues. Developing a pathway for more intensive support.

The Dockyard Project –A practical project for parents and pupils.  Its aim is to reignite the love and confidence in learning, through science and engineering activities, at the Dockyard Chatham.