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The Robert Napier School

Careers Advice and Guidance

The Robert Napier School is committed to raising the aspirations of all learners through the provision of high-quality support sessions, including a supported pathway towards chosen and relevant careers, advice and guidance from trained staff and encounters with employers. Our school strives to support students in managing choices and transitions that affect their futures, whilst also preparing them for a future in the working world.

Careers is currently led by Mr Geary who also oversees PSHE and Enrichment. Should you have any questions, ideas or concerns regarding our careers provisions, please contact him at or alternatively contact Reception to have a message passed on.

Careers at The Robert Napier School

Students at The Robert Napier School will have opportunities for contact with employers, talks from alumni students, university and college visits, work experience, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities in order to promote careers and personalise careers pathways. This will help students ensure that they make informed and supported choices about the career that they would like to pursue. 

To access key information about our past, present and future provisions, please visit our Careers Padlet:


DOMEG Partnership

DOMEG is currently working with our school to support our students in making decisions about the type of industry they would aspire to work in. DOMEG do this by:

  • Providing a Level 6 qualified experienced Careers Advisor every Wednesday for 1 to 1 meeting with our KS4 and KS5 students.
  • Assist with the running of mock interviews for year 11 students.
  • Help coordinate work experience for year 10 students.


Work Experience at TRNS

Every Year 10 student completes a work experience placement which gives them an exciting opportunity to enter the world of work. These placements can be organised by the students themselves, allowing them to focus on areas in which they have an interest in pursuing careers, drawing on the support of family networks. Alternatively, students can make selections from a pre-approved list of placements that are sourced and supported by DOMEG.

If you wish to have any further information on Careers, please feel free to contact Mr Geary on or if you need to ask any questions about Work Experience, then please contact Ms Bonneywell on


ThinkForward at TRNS

The Robert Napier School begun working with Think Forward in 2022/2023 and have begun to see the impact that their provisions have. Think Forward works with young people to ensure they gain the confidence, independence and skills they need for a better and brighter future.

Students are put forward for this programme by the pastoral teams and this programme will aim to raise the students’ aspirations and increase their attainment. The support ThinkForward offer extends beyond the time that students will spend with us and goes right up to when the student turns 18.

Each school has a dedicated coach whose main job it is to support the students and help them understand what they want their future to look like. This is done through a variety of interventions such as work placements, trips, collective group work and one to one sessions.

If you have any questions regarding this provision please get in touch with your son/daughters pastoral team.


Labour Market Information (LMI)

Labour market information (LMI) describes the past and present condition of the workplace, as well as future projections. It makes clear where work opportunities are increasing or decreasing, what occupations exist, what you need to study for an occupation, what is required to take up an occupation, how one can find a job, change job or progress in a career.


Use the Careerometer widget below to compare different jobs — salary, working hours, etc.

Click the dotted square. Type in the first career you are interested in and select from the drop-down list, then add a second and third choice to see the comparison.










Skillsometer: A tool to link occupational skills to jobs

Use the Skillsometer quiz which can help you discover what jobs you might like to do in the future.

You will be presented with a series of statements. Select the emoji that shows how you feel about each statement. You will be given suggestions of jobs linked to what you most enjoy doing. Each job can be explored as a description is presented together with information on pay and hours. For further information on the job, and to compare with other jobs, you could then go back to the Careerometer above.