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The Robert Napier School


The curriculum is carefully developed to match the needs of individual students, so that each student develops confidence and a sense of achievement throughout their learning journey.  It is reviewed regularly to ensure it continues to fulfil the needs of the students.

An overview of each curriculum is provided below.  Further detail regarding the topics studied can be found in the links to the right of this page.

Should you require any additional information regarding the curriculum studied, please contact the appropriate Head of Subject.  Please click here for Head of Suject contact details.


Curriculum for years 7 and 8

During their first two years at the school, students are exposed to a broad and balanced curriculum of subjects.  The curriculum is designed to provide students with the foundation from which they can flourish during their studies in Key Stage 4.

Students complete the options process during the second half of year 8, in preparation for the start of their GCSE studies in year 9.

During the two-week timetable, students study the following subjects.

English Maths Science Art Beliefs & Ethics


Design & Technology



HIstory ICT Music Physical Education Spanish


Curriculum for years 9, 10 and 11. 

Students begin their level 2 studies in year 9, for completion in year 11. 

All students are required to follow the core curriculum.  They also study 4 options from a wide range of GCSE and BTEC subjects which they selected in year 8.  In year 11, students are given the opportunity to complete the ECDL (ICT) course, which they complete outside of the curriculum during before and after school sessions.

Core Curriculum


GCSE Engish Language GCSE English Literature GCSE Maths GCSE Core Science
GCSE Additional Science GCSE (Short Course) Beliefs & Ethics Core PHSE & Citizenship Core PE 

Option Subjects

VCert Art & Design BTEC Business BTEC Hospitality & Catering GCSE Computing
BTEC Dance BTEC Drama

VCert Engineering

GCSE Geography BTEC Health & Social Care GCSE History BTEC ICT
GCSE Media Studies VCERT Music GCSE Philosophy & Ethics GCSE Physical Education
GCSE Psychology GCSE Spanish BTEC Sport VCert Woodwork


Curriculum for years 12 and 13

Following completion of their GCSEs, students who achieve the minimum entry criteria have the opportunity to study Advanced Level courses at The Robert Napier School.  Students select their own curriculum based upon their interests and their success at GCSE.  Students select 3 choices from the options indicated below.

Students who have yet to achieve a C grade or above in GCSE English or GCSE maths, are required to continue to study these until successful.

L3 Applied Science L3 Art & Design A Level Biology BTEC L3 Business
A Level English Literature A Level Geography BTEC L3 Health & Social Care A Level History
L3 Cambridge Technicals in ICT A Level Maths A Level Media Studies BTEC Level 3 Music
BTEC L3 Performing Arts (Acting) A Level Politics A Level Product Design A Level Psychology

A Level Sociology