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The Robert Napier School

Medway Youth Council​

Along with other School Councils from across Medway, the RNS Student Council sends representatives to the Medway Youth Council (MYC).   The Medway Youth Council is supported and works alongside Medway Council in giving the young people of Medway a voice across the Medway towns. MYC works to address issues raised by young people, and acts as a consultative group for decision-makers. MYC is also part of the Youth Council network, and represents the voice of young people nationally to the UK Youth Parliament.

The Student Council’s Chair currently serves as the Youth Council Chair, and the Student Council channels Robert Napier students' feedback into the Youth Council.

The Student Council also sends representatives yearly to the Medway Annual Youth Conference, and attended the latest conference on 7th November 2017. This academic year’s conference focused around bullying, and the Student Council were able to use feedback collected from the bullying survey that they carried out earlier in 2017 to inform the debate.

More information can be found on Medway Youth Council’s website.