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The Robert Napier School

Message from the Head Students

As the new Head students at The Robert Napier school, we would like to welcome everyone. The focus throughout our years as Head students is to encourage positive mental health and promote local organisations that are available to support students through the transition of being Year 11 students and moving into Sixth Form. We have also chosen to help improve the school’s behaviour in lower years and become role models to the younger students. We are working alongside the Junior Leadership team so we can listen to everyone’s opinions throughout the community and make any improvements we think required to improve the school community. We hope to ensure that the school is a welcoming environment with a positive attitude and that everyone is treated equally and given help to succeed. We want to ensure students will enjoy coming to school and that they learn within a healthy educational environment.

The Robert Napier school offers a larger range of activities to help you within your later years. We offer a range of enrichment lessons that take place within school times and after school hours for example academic and school clubs. This is to help students to form positive bonds with their teachers and other students to improve any skills you might not have before and to develop them. You will also have a huge amount of help with life after Sixth form such as UCAS applications and choosing other options from your teachers so no need to worry about handling it on your own. You will also be given a lot of guidance if you are unsure if you would like to follow onto university, apprenticeship, or employment.

Due to our strong partnership with other local schools, it ensures a cohesive community with all schools, working together to achieve all our goals. You also have the option to study at one of our partnership schools if they offer a course you are interested in when completing either your A -Levels, AS or Level 3 BTECs. We believe The Robert Napier School is an excellent choice as you are offered the best support and are encouraged to not only meet your target grades but to exceed them. You will always have someone to go to for the support you need for your life after GCSEs and Sixth Form, you will always be encouraged to reach your full potential.


We enjoy being a part of the Robert Napier community and Sixth form.

Head Students