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The Robert Napier School

Pastoral and Head of Depts.

Head of Year   Email
Mr G Bouffard Years 12 and 13
Mr G Moynes Year 11
Mr R Filtness Year 10
Mr A Backshell Year 9
Miss A Smith Year 8 
Mr B Raher Year 7



Heads of Department Subject Email
Mrs R Plevak English 
Dr G Williams Maths
Mrs V Brooks Science
Mrs K Evans Art & Design
Mr J Richardson Beliefs & Ethics
Mr T Smith Business and ICT
Mrs R Barber Citizenship
Miss L Spooner Design & Technology
Mrs K Ashenden Geography
Mrs K Gregory Health & Social Care
Miss C Ashenden History
Mr M Walsh PE
Miss A Gibbs Performing Arts
Mrs R Barber Politics
Miss R Brightman Psychology
Mrs R Rattle VI unit
Mrs G Lucho Spanish
Sixth Form    
Mr D Mallia Assistant Headteacher
Special Educational Needs    
Ms R Rosina Special Educational Needs Coordinator