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The Robert Napier School

The Junior Leadership Team

5 members of the Sixth form were appointed to the JLT in July 2021:  


Jude Clark – Year 12

Harriet Sayers – Year 13


Vice Principals

Jack Druce – Year 12

Megha Parsotamo – Year 13

Christopher Harrison – Year 13


Assistant Principals – Curriculum

Isabelle Giles – Year 12

Hamiz Zaheer – Year 12

Shoaib Syed – Year 13


Assistant Principals – Enrichment

Marta Szymanska – Year 12

Ahmad Abid – Year 12

Hope Osamudiamen – Year 13


Assistant Principals – Community

Khadija Hussain – Year 12

Nancy Yogeswaran – Year 13


Assistant Principals – Wellbeing

Molly Bailey – Year 12

Paige Westgate – Year 13

Amelia Hunt – Year 13


What kind of work are the JLT involved in?

  • The organisation/supervision of the canteen during lunch times
  • Delivery of whole school assemblies (to Houses)
  • Providing guided tours of the school to any guests
  • Interview panel for candidates applying for teaching positions within the school
  • Regular meetings with the Headteacher and Assistant Headteachers
  • Providing both peer and academic mentoring
  • Organisation of the Christmas charity week (involving a whole range of activities for students during breaks, lunch and after school)
  • The organisation of the fundraising week at Easter
  • The design and development of the memorial garden by the canteen
  • Displays in corridors
  • Running the debating society
  • Publicising school events (through BBC and ITV news as well as the Kent Messenger newspaper)
  • Assistance during evening events
  • Making presentations to parents of students in the school
  • Assisting with induction days
  • The organisation of staff/6th form quizzes