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The Robert Napier School

The Junior Leadership Team



What kind of work are the JLT involved in?

  • The organisation/supervision of the canteen during lunch times
  • The supervision and distribution of the senior prefects along with year 11 prefects
  • Delivery of whole school assemblies (to Houses)
  • Providing guided tours of the school to any guests
  • Interview panel for candidates applying for teaching positions within the school
  • Regular meetings with the Headteacher and Assistant Headteachers
  • Providing both peer and academic mentoring
  • Organisation of the Christmas charity week (involving a whole range of activities for students during breaks, lunch and after school)
  • The organisation of the fundraising week at Easter
  • The design and development of the memorial garden by the canteen
  • Displays in corridors
  • Running the debating society
  • Publicising school events (through BBC and ITV news as well as the Kent Messenger newspaper)
  • Assistance during evening events
  • Making presentations to parents of students in the school
  • Assisting with induction days
  • The organisation of staff/6th form quizzes

How did they become part of the Junior leadership team?

The candidates put their names forward to join the team and then they have one week to canvass voters. The candidates then make a short presentation in an assembly and the students make a vote based on these.

Want to be a part of it?

The Elections for the 2020/21 school year will take place in June 2020.  Year 12/13 students are invited to apply for the position of senior prefect in September.  Applicants are interviewed by Mr Leadbetter, Mr Fenton and the Headteacher. In return the student gains significant leadership experience and develop all round interpersonal skills that will support their progression to University and ultimately into employment.  The senior prefects are also entitled to a meal on their duty days and receive a monthly payment (based on the number of duty days they undertake).