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The Robert Napier School


Re: The Sixth Form Uniform Policy

The consultation period for the Sixth Form Uniform policy ended last week.  I would like to thank those that took the time to respond during the designated consultation period (i.e. between Thursday 1st July 2021 and Tuesday 13th July 2021 inclusive).

Although the number of responses received were not as high as I would have hoped, all comments and views received during this time were considered. I also met with the newly elected members of the Junior Leadership Team, who asked that the ‘hand length rule’ be applied. 

The overwhelming consensus from the consultation was that a more formal uniform policy would be preferred.  Therefore, please find attached the updated Sixth Form Uniform Policy, which will come into effect on Wednesday 1st September 2021.

If there is a hardship issue, which prevents you from adhering to the new policy, please let the school know by contacting Miss R Gray via e-mail at before the results day (i.e. Tuesday 10th August 2021).

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Yours faithfully

Mr M Fenton

Assistant Headteacher in charge of Sixth Form

he TRNS Sixth Form Uniform Policy September 2021


Not Acceptable


Any shoes, Trainers, boots or secured sandals

Flip flops, beach footwear, backless shoes, Stilettos/High heels

Below the waist

Any trousers

Smart Skirt (hand length rule applies)

Tailored/smart shorts (hand length rule applies)

Legging with over top (hand length rule applies)

Smart jeans (not ripped or distressed)

Anything that does not comply with the hand length rule

Ripped Clothes                

Visible Underwear  

Combat trousers/Cargo pants

Clothing displaying offensive wording or political statements

Tracksuits/Jogging bottoms/Sportswear



Above the waist

Smart blouses

Tops with collars (nothing low cut and no crop tops)      


Plain collarless T-shirts

Polo Shirts           

Tank tops (straps to be wider than a bra strap width)

Collarless blouses

Shirts with collars


Plunging necklines

Crop tops 

Vest Tops

Sports/Football shirts

Excessive exposure

Visible Underwear


All in one

Jump Suits 

Play suits (hand length rule applies)

Smart dress (hand length rule applies)


On the head

Any religious dress




Durags or anything covering the head

Jewellery and other

1 visible piercing on the face

3 piercings on the ears

Spacers in ears

Multiple visible facial piercings

Hand Length Rule (HLR) - when stood upright, the bottom of the clothing must fall below the end of your hands when they are down by your side.

The Senior Leadership team reserve the right to add to the list of banned items, if deemed necessary, however, students will be given adequate notice of any amendments.