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The Robert Napier School

Who's Who in The Student Council

The student council are there to represent the student voice within the school.  Students should feel free to come and speak to any member at any time with anything you feel the Student Council should address.

Student Council Leadership:

Mr Leadbetter                   George Perfect

Assistant Headteacher       (Chair of the Student Council)



Boris (Year 7 Representative)

Joshua (Year 7 Representative)

Owen Thurston (Year 7 Representative) 

Jack (Year 8 Representative)

Riley (Year 8 Representative)

Amy (Year 8 Representative)

Quinn (Year 8 Representative)

Anthony (Year 10 Representative)

Connor (Year 10 Representative)

Kane (Year 10 Representative)

Bailey (Year 10 Representative) 

Adam (Year 11 Representative)

Jessica (Year 11 Representative)

Aaron (Year 13 Representative)